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10 tips to boost your website

In the series of 10 tips for … I offer you the ten key points to make your website work today and multiply your traffic by 10. A short domain name, in .com or .us if the full name allows you to play on words. A design using heavily rounded corners and fruity colors (blue,...

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My predictions for the year 2007

This year 2006 will have been rich in twists and turns and (not really) big surprises. It seems that the machine is restarted, and the year 2007 promises to be even more intense. Here are my predictions for 2007 (.0): The appearance of a decentralized virtual universe. If Second Life strongly resembles the realization of a dream...

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Will the 2007 layout be soluble in web 2.0?

I know I don’t write much lately. I’m having a little trouble finding the inspiration to complete the 20 or so in-depth articles stored in my “drafts” directory, some being written since March. And I code, a lot, actually. I just got my first big patch accepted by the Typo development team, and submitted a second – nearly...

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Internet Explorer 5.6 and 7 under Mac OS X

As a Mac OS X user, my biggest concern when I have to test the compatibility of a stylesheet between different browsers comes from the difficulty of finding a Windows platform, in addition to the last two versions. Microsoft Internet Explorer (5.5 and 6), and the very latest version of Windows Explorer (therefore 7). However,...

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Just because no one has ever done it doesn’t mean it’s impossible

I have just received confirmation of the admissibility of the response to my second call for tenders. I am now really entering the dance of the admitted to compete. A response to a call for tenders consists of an administrative envelope and an envelope containing the response itself. If the administrative envelope does not fully comply with the...

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Let’s rediscover the benefits of human aggregation

Interesting discussion last night with Delphine Dispa, who was in Paris, on how RSS feeds have changed our way of understanding information, and on the changes in our perception of the information delivered by our aggregator. Collecting a large number of feeds – sometimes several hundred, 459 in my case, some very verbose – results in more...

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One year already

It’s been a year since publishing technical notes on my late personal blog I finally decided to open this one, dedicated to my profession and my related interests. A year later, some statistics like this by the way: Internally 280 tickets. 606 reviews. Attendance Lowest day of the year: 84 visitors (January 8, 2006). Highest...

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Occupy space

Note: this post in no way concerns the attempts to install a permanent lunar base by the United States, nor the military strategy in a desert environment. Between the growth in the width of screens and that of mobile phones and other PDAs offering a web browser, we can bet that mastery of space will...

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10 years of CSS, and still not a wrinkle

On December 17, 1996, the W3C published the first version of its Cascading Style Sheets. Ten years later, CSS has entered into the mores to the point of profoundly changing our web development methods: lighter, simpler, more beautiful. I discovered CSS quite by chance in 1998, in an article intended for webmasters on iFrance entitled “a...


Key Elements Of The Electronics Market

Consumer electronics is a broad category of products. These devices can be used for communication, entertainment, and recreation. Because of their dark casings, consumer electronics are often called “black goods”. Because of their dark casings, it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish them from other goods. Listed below are some of the key elements...