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FireStarter FX – a Free Disc-Burning Utility for Mac OSX

I was surprised a couple days ago to see that a free disc-burning utility for Mac, called FireStarter, was still around. I’d used it a few years ago, but development seemed quite stalled, so I was intrigued to see what, exactly, had changed. FireStarter FX, to start with, has the absolute strangest interface I’ve ever...

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Deep Notes – a Fast, Intuitive, Free Outliner for Mac OSX

Are you a habitual note-taker? Are you constantly using outlines to help you work on the flow of your articles? Do you need something to help you organize your thoughts? Then perhaps it’s time you used a great piece of software to help you. Use this app to keep track of your winnings playing simple...

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SpotInside – a Spotlight Companion Application for Mac OSX

I recently reviewed a Mac OS X search tool called EasyFind that, although it worked, was not quite what I was looking for. While EasyFind attempted to be a metadata search tool that didn’t need to index files first (which ended up meaning that although it saves setup time and hard drive space by not...