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The millionth moo

I had spoken about it some time ago as THE most useless site, therefore the most essential on the net. The moo box! de Joachim , launched on the occasion of the liberalization of tld .eu has just reached its millionth moo in an atmosphere that has been called the fever of great nights, comparable to a certain football world cup...


In search of new horizons

I had been letting information hang around left and right for some time now, it’s been official for 2 hours 26 minutes exactly: I’m looking for a new job either in the management / design of projects preferably Web, or in assistance to the management of information systems in SMEs / SMIs, I am not...

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8 tips to improve your XHTML practice

I wanted to tell you about this excellent article by Tantek Celik for several days, but between the organizational and graphic overhaul of this site – the second not yet fully satisfying me – and a particularly busy weekend in the provinces, I had to give up somewhat writing. Numerous articles expose the thousand and one good...

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Microformats and CV publication at Barcamp Paris 4

Never two without three, so I presented the Microformats for the third time in a row at the mini Barcamp which took place this Saturday in the premises of Mandriva , at 43 rue d’Aboukir in the second arrondissement of Paris (reader, a Microformat is hiding in this sentence, will you be able to find it?) Many people were interested in the subject, not counting...

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Your ten favorite apps

I was recently asked again which apps I use the most, both at home and in the office. I use a Mac OS X laptop and a Windows workstation at my office on a daily basis, and another on Ubuntu at home, which requires me to regularly switch from one completely different environment to another,...

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Two trick questions during a job interview

In my opinion, there are two particularly dangerous exercises during a job interview which can, if the answer does not suit the recruiter, forever tarnish the chances of a candidate who is nevertheless promising: what are your main assets and your main flaws? and why do you want to leave your current business?. I tend to prepare them...

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Girls is bad

In any case, that’s what two computer science students say, who have just opened, the most web 2.0 site at the moment: A concept of more than limited interest: declaring that such or such a first name is wrong, with anonymous testimony in support, does not really risk changing the face of the world. No business...

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Mobile website development

Cameron Moll, who publishes the Authentic Boredom blog, has just announced the release of Mobile Web Design , a book on the development of websites for mobile devices, ie mainly for PDAs and mobile phones. To help you with the funds you need, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games...

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Job offer: junior web project manager

Actualys , a young Parisian company specializing in supporting large accounts in all phases of their web projects (we are not an IT services company in the general sense of the term) is looking for a junior web project manager with good technical knowledge, mainly in PHP , SQL, XHTML and CSS. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python...

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Following several requests to reproduce my articles and a stupid story of plagiarism, I finally decided on the license under which I wanted to put my writing. I chose the Creative Commons license Attribution – Share Alike 2.5 also called Attribution – Share Alike 2.5 . She allows to : To reproduce, distribute and communicate my writings to the public. To modify...

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