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Two trick questions during a job interview

In my opinion, there are two particularly dangerous exercises during a job interview which can, if the answer does not suit the recruiter, forever tarnish the chances of a candidate who is nevertheless promising: what are your main assets and your main flaws? and why do you want to leave your current business?. I tend to prepare them...

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Job offer: junior web project manager

Actualys , a young Parisian company specializing in supporting large accounts in all phases of their web projects (we are not an IT services company in the general sense of the term) is looking for a junior web project manager with good technical knowledge, mainly in PHP , SQL, XHTML and CSS. Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python...

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Some pitfalls to avoid before sending your CV

From time to time I receive spontaneous applications directly, and I always pay attention to them, regardless of the technical level of the person sending me their CV. Spontaneous applications sometimes make it possible to find very good profiles, so do not hesitate to send some when you are looking for work; However, avoid a...

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My overview of the Dedibox administration console, the new dedicated web hosting offer from the Illiad group, was on the first page of their Freenews informational site yesterday: Frederic has been a Dedibox user since the first hour. He makes us “visit” his administration console. Thus, you will be able to know a little more about the content...

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Difficulty redoing your CV from scratch (2)

Damien Bonvillain did a very critical reading of my CV this night, and I thank him for it. Besides the problems concerning the CV itself, his justified reflections gave me some interesting leads for the next time: In order to avoid inconsistencies, always redo your CV with perfectly clear ideas. If the form is important to...

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30,000 Elvis lookalikes soon to be unemployed

Although I do not participate regularly, the majority of discussions concerning Great Britain, I follow the mailing list of the Open Rights Group on a daily basis, just to keep myself abreast of the big nonsense regularly organized around intellectual property. . After seeing those who did not watch the TV commercials being called thieves, we...


7 points to make your text more impactful

I’ve come across quite a few more badly articles lately attempting to explain “how to write effectively for your blog”. Sébastien Billard stands out a bit by offering the translation of a very good text by Dave Nolan who explains in 7 points how to make an argument more effective in writing. And if you...

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Baptism by fire

Next week, I’m giving my first job interview to a candidate from the company. I took the initiative to ask to do it, and it was very well received by the sales manager. She has to determine whether or not the applicant is fit to work for us and fit into the team, something I feel incapable...