A cake that is on fire

Next week, I’m giving my first job interview to a candidate from the company. I took the initiative to ask to do it, and it was very well received by the sales manager. She has to determine whether or not the applicant is fit to work for us and fit into the team, something I feel incapable of in such a short period of time. Points such as the ability to work in a team, to follow a long-term project, to resume an ongoing project at short notice are things very difficult to assess in a short time, and yet are essential aspects of our profession. 

I will therefore content myself with giving the technical interview. For this first case, I have the advantage of knowing very well the project on which we want to make him work, having ensured the design from A to Z, I therefore know what profile I will need, supported by technical tests. But hey, it’s not really easy anyway: if I choose a ball, I put my company in the panade, if I fail him when he could quickly have upgraded, I leave a guy at unemployment.