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Interesting Techcrunch article wondering when Yahoo! will decide to buy Technorati .

As a reminder, Technorati is a social search engine that marked 2005 by popularizing the tag system, these keywords associated with a specific post. If the search by tags is more precise than the search by simple content which greatly increases the signal / noise ratio, it finds its limits in the necessary good faith of the authors of the post. The whole point of tags in a web marked by the preeminence of content lies in the fact that they mark an entry within a page and no longer the entire page as did the keywords inserted in the entry. header of HTML pages. If you are looking for alternative ways to make money, you might want to look into playing some fun sports betting games via

I mentioned this article to Kevin Marks , and the only thing he could tell me was the now classic.

20:02 <KevinMarks> I can’t comment on any rumors like that

Which can mean everything and mean nothing.

Kevin also refers me to this Business Week article .

In terms of redemptions, Yahoo! marked the year 2005 by acquiring two of the leading sites in the use of tags: Flickr , which popularized tags to mark images on a gallery, which at the same time solves many indexing problems, and the service from bookmarks . Never two without three, the takeover of Technorati by Yahoo! would therefore be the logical continuation of its aggressive policy on the social networks market. Other hypotheses are nevertheless possible.

The possible scenarios.

Today I am considering several hypotheses when it comes to a Technorati takeover.

Microsoft VS Technorati

Since June, we have seen a number of targeted campaigns from Microsoft to promote its MSN Search engine. Although having so far shown no interest in Web2.0, we can easily imagine the Redmond firm buying Technorati, for 5 reasons.

  • MSN Search cannot take off because it is not in use. However, rumors on the web point to a possible takeover of Yahoo by Microsoft .
  • Cut the rug out from under Yahoo! by preventing it from putting the Flickr / / Technorati trio in its purse.
  • Expand the possibilities of both its MSN Search and its MSN Spaces blogging platform.
  • Getting a foothold in Web 2.0
  • Conquer the world.

Yahoo VS Technorati

Yahoo! ‘s Web2.0 strategy led him to buy out Flickr and, while setting up a platform Yahoo! 360, and by making agreements in order to have WordPress 2.0. It is hard to see them stop there, especially as:

  • Their search engine dedicated to blogs is not the most efficient.
  • They can’t be pulled the rug out from under Google a second time after losing the battle for Web1.0 7 or 8 years ago.
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