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Interesting article at dr Daveon the upsurge in the phenomenon of spam on blogs through changes to its Spam Karma plugin. It is interesting to see how comment spam – whether on blogs or forums – differs from junk mail, or “junk mail” both in terms of purpose and effectiveness. Spam aims to reach an almost unlimited number of targets, with a particularly low success rate, hoping to fall on targets interested in the product. In this, we can compare junk mail to metro advertising posters: a very large target audience for a relatively hazardous result. The purpose of spam comments is to increase the “pagerank” google the spammer site in order to give it the best possible place when researching the topics concerned. We can compare the spam of comments to the wild installation of products at the head of the rack in supermarkets,

the contract with the store less.

Dave points to the blatant injustice of the war between open source developers of spam filters and developers of spambots. The latter have all the data necessary to bypass filtering methods, while the former have nothing but empiricism and deduction. The latest generation of robots far surpasses all others when it comes to intelligence. They are no longer content to post a comment containing an incredible number of URLs and keywords, but generate real comments, often in the subject, and sometimes containing pieces of previous comments, even trackback posts. The URL is in the Poster’s URL field, and even a human moderator can miss it if they’re not careful. VS’ is why updating its anti spam system is more than urgent. As a reminder, Dave is the creator and developer of Spam Karma