Also via Suw Charman , Shaun Inman from Mint explains the ten good reasons to create an API for our applications:

  1. An API makes it possible to highlight a brand. An API gives people more power by allowing them to do a few things with your data. People like to talk about what gives them power. If someone uses your API in an original way, it will create buzz (kof, kof, kof) around their product. Note that this masterful demonstration quite reminds me of that of Saugrenus, the Roman salesperson for Obelix et Compagnie . Do you understand?
  2. This allows people to use the data themselves.
  3. An API automatically appeals to the goodwill of developers.
  4. It allows you to create a community around a product. See 1-.
  5. Solving problems by creating an API increases the quality of the code. It means less work and fewer revisions.
  6. An API makes it easier to reuse data.
  7. An API allows others to extend the possibilities of your application. Make others work for you, your app and your investors will pay you back.
  8. An API makes it possible to diversify the means of access to an application.
  9. Sometimes you can see uses for your app that you never expected.
  10. Finally, an API turns a program into a platform .