A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

In the series of 10 tips for … I offer you the ten key points to make your website work today and multiply your traffic by 10.

  1. A short domain name, in .com or .us if the full name allows you to play on words.
  2. A design using heavily rounded corners and fruity colors (blue, lime green, orange, yellow, pink).
  3. Compulsory, limited registration, and if possible by invitation to participate in the life of the site.
  4. A community of users, unifying, as useless as it is.
  5. AJAX, even in the most unlikely places and an RSS feed, if possible several.
  6. Let users generate the majority of the site’s content (useful for neurons).
  7. Use tags and other microformats (hcard, geo …).
  8. Leave the site in beta version, even if it is no longer likely to evolve; users feel valued by belonging to a group of happy fews , and this makes it possible to forgive any undocumented functionalities .
  9. Every six, three or six months, hint at the possibility of a takeover by a large group, the merger with another site, or the arrival of an investor, without ever really admitting it.
  10. Communicate on the progress of the project and related topics on an associated blog.

After six months to a year at this rate, you should be bought out by Google or Yahoo. This post obviously includes a good dose of second degree. But not that much.