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Although I do not participate regularly, the majority of discussions concerning Great Britain, I follow the mailing list of the Open Rights Group on a daily basis, just to keep myself abreast of the big nonsense regularly organized around intellectual property. . After seeing those who did not watch the TV commercials being called thieves, we go up a notch again, since the 30,000 Elvis Presley lookalikes plaguing the United States could soon find themselves unemployed. . Billionaire Robert Sillerman, also owner of the American Idol pacifier showhas just bought 85% of the shares of the company holding the rights to the music and the image of the King previously held by the Presley family for an amount of 114 million dollars. He now plans to create a show employing an Elvis lookalike in Las Vegas, thus removing all other lookalikes from the right to practice their profession. Until now, they could use the image of the King free of charge.

If we were going to do a show that was based on Elvis impersonators, then obviously it wouldn’t make sense to have unauthorized Elvis impersonators.

Indeed, that makes sense. I am also informed that Peter Jackson has just withdrawn all the gorillas of the planet the permission to be a monkey, since they deliberately violate the rights of King Kong. Source .