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In the series of completely useless, therefore expensive and completely indispensable , the new User Friendly Multimedia Internet today offers us Millionaires24 , a new e-mail provider for us, the rich. The concept is rather attractive:

Do you belong to high society? Then take this chance to demonstrate your position in an unambiguous manner. The digital era has begun and free email accounts are available for the ordinary joe. Rise above the crowd! In a time where everyone is judged by his financial status, the memebers of Millionaires24 can demonstrate their wealth. To guarantee exclusivity, the number of members is limited to 10,000 worldwide

All this for just $ 399 per month, and only for the first 10,000 registrants.

entitled to? Less functionality than most free services (mainly gmail ), but the reassurance of being part of the new Internet elite. I don’t know if they have a lot of clients, but I personally find the concept completely stupid, so great. Source TechCrunch