I’ve come across quite a few more badly articles lately attempting to explain “how to write effectively for your blog”.

Sébastien Billard stands out a bit by offering the translation of a very good text by Dave Nolan who explains in 7 points how to make an argument more effective in writing. And if you are looking for alternative ways to make money, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via

  1. Turn “we” into “you”:
    Allow the reader to make the text their own.
  2. Turn characteristics into benefits:
    The reader must find an interest in what you offer them.
  3. Change the negative to positive.
  4. Replace the passive with the active:
    The active voice is generally more dynamic.
  5. Transform the timeless into an emergency:
    It is about training the reader in the rhythm that you will give him.
  6. Change the general to specific:
    The concrete is always preferred to ideas, however good they may be.
  7. Replace unnecessary verbalizations:
    Be clear, simple, to the point and concise.

The translation can be found at Sébastien Billard.