I’ve come across quite a few more badly articles lately attempting to explain “how to write effectively for your blog”.

Sébastien Billard stands out a bit by offering the translation of a very good text by Dave Nolan who explains in 7 points how to make an argument more effective in writing .

  1. Turn “we” into “you”:
    Allow the reader to make the text their own.
  2. Turn characteristics into benefits:
    The reader must find an interest in what you offer them.
  3. Change the negative to positive.
  4. Replace the passive with the active:
    The active voice is generally more dynamic.
  5. Transform the timeless into an emergency:
    It is about training the reader in the rhythm that you will give him.
  6. Change the general to specific:
    The concrete is always preferred to ideas, however good they may be.
  7. Replace unnecessary verbalizations:
    Be clear, simple, to the point and concise.

The translation can be found at Sébastien Billard.