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From time to time I receive spontaneous applications directly, and I always pay attention to them, regardless of the technical level of the person sending me their CV. Spontaneous applications sometimes make it possible to find very good profiles, so do not hesitate to send some when you are looking for work; However, avoid a number of pitfalls that will see your CV go straight to the trash. In addition, if you are looking to make some money on the side while job hunting, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive 바카라 사이트 online.

Pay attention to French.
If one or two small mistakes in French can escape the most rigorous proofreading, a CV full of mistakes is crippling. Word has an excellent spell checker, and even a decent grammar checker.

Ban the SMS style.
Just because it’s an electronic document doesn’t mean you can put a bunch of abbreviations in it, even if (I quote) “ty peu r1 sr le net c reenté ds ls mrs” .

Avoid putting your blog address at the top of the resume.
The 1990s when owning a personal page was a rare enough event to be put on a resume are long gone. Only put the address of your blog or your personal website if it is directly related to your activity. And forget about whether it’s a Skyblog.

Pay attention to your email address.
Not everyone can afford to post a tachatte.org email on their resume; similarly avoid kikooolol42@hotmail.com and weshweshdu93@skymail.fr, it does not look very serious. Prefer an address in the firstname.lastname format on a somewhat serious platform, your Internet service provider for example.

Ban Comic Sans MS.
Why use this one among all when there are thousands of free fonts on the Internet? Use a Times or Arial type font for a printed document, or Trebuchet MS if it is an electronic document. But above all, no Comic Sans MS .

I have the impression of giving advice a hundred times seen and reviewed, but obviously little or not assimilated. The other day I received a CV by e-mail which contained all of the above points on one page. I stopped reading it at the url of the blog kikooololdu93.oldiblog.com.

Warning: any resemblances to people who already exist or who have existed would of course be fortuitous.