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I had not redone my CV other than by combining the knowledge and experiences acquired over the years. Today I realize how difficult it is to give your profile a given orientation even though you know where you are going, and I imagine the problems that must be encountered by those who do not really know where they are going. .

I just spent a little over ten hours redoing mine in order to make it a little less clutter and less “handyman”. It is a very interesting experience to try to define yourself precisely on a professional level from a set of pre-established but not always obvious data. The exercise made me think of that of the summary note that I practiced at Science Po: it was a question of sorting between the useful and the useless in a hundred pages of documents, sometimes more, before to give the summary as concise as possible, the ideal turning around a typewritten page on both sides. The exercise presents obvious difficulties of analysis and synthesis to which are added an additional constraint: time, since everything must be completed in less than five hours. After long hours of working, you could then unwind and play some relaxing sports betting games via https://www.doddcityisd.org/.

I just found myself facing the same obstacles and had the greatest difficulty sorting through my skills and experience to determine what was essential and what I could do without. My writing style just lends itself to the executive summary and CV to the French – understand a single page – not suitable really me.

Professionally speaking, I believe that I will orient myself more and more in the design of web applications. This is an area in which I had a certain contempt for the benefit of system programming for many years, until my various assignments and a growing interest in web standards and the Ruby on Rails framework failed me. make people aware of their possibilities. But I will come back to it another time.

For the moment, I put the PDF version online, produced entirely in XHTML with Microformats (hResume and hCard) and CSS 2 and 3, then converted with Prince. I will upload the XHTML version when I finish the CSS for display on the screen. Please let me know if you find any faults or errors.

Edit: I took the CV out of circulation in time to correct a number of things that were brought to my attention overnight. We will put that 25% on the account of worries and 75% on that of fatigue.

Edit 2: CV updated and therefore in circulation.