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One year already

It’s been a year since publishing technical notes on my late personal blog I finally decided to open this one, dedicated to my profession and my related interests. A year later, some statistics like this by the way: Internally 280 tickets. 606 reviews. Attendance Lowest day of the year: 84 visitors (January 8, 2006). Highest...

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Occupy space

Note: this post in no way concerns the attempts to install a permanent lunar base by the United States, nor the military strategy in a desert environment. Between the growth in the width of screens and that of mobile phones and other PDAs offering a web browser, we can bet that mastery of space will...

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10 years of CSS, and still not a wrinkle

On December 17, 1996, the W3C published the first version of its Cascading Style Sheets. Ten years later, CSS has entered into the mores to the point of profoundly changing our web development methods: lighter, simpler, more beautiful. I discovered CSS quite by chance in 1998, in an article intended for webmasters on iFrance entitled “a...


Midjourney: An AI That Turns Text Prompts Into Images

Midjourney, an AI art creator, turns text prompts and images into stunning artwork. The tool works directly within Discord and does not require any specialized software or hardware. Midjourney generates four unique options for images in minutes after receiving a text prompt. These images are publicly visible in the group’s chat room and members’ gallery....

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AI optimizes operational business processes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software has the potential to optimize operational business processes, allowing businesses to better deploy their human resources. Software development with AI ultimately increases revenue and profitability. While the technology has a long way to go, it’s now used for data analysis and customer service, among other things. Predictive Analytics Predictive analytics models...


Key Elements Of The Electronics Market

Consumer electronics is a broad category of products. These devices can be used for communication, entertainment, and recreation. Because of their dark casings, consumer electronics are often called “black goods”. Because of their dark casings, it can be difficult for consumers to distinguish them from other goods. Listed below are some of the key elements...

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The Main Aspects Of E-Learning

eLearning is a booming industry that is facilitated by technology. It is a great way to keep your employees trained and also allows you to learn new skills in the comfort of your own home. It can either be asynchronous or simultaneous, and can include different learning media. Online courses are accessible anywhere and anytime,...

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Why Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Business

Many businesses use managed IT services to keep their IT systems running smoothly. Managed IT services Pittsburgh offer a wide range of IT services, including data management, IT automation and security monitoring. They can also help you manage your IT expenses more efficiently. They have a track record of providing reliable services and can minimize...

Save Email as PDF

Ways To Convert Email To PDF

Save Email as PDF is an easy way to organize and keep track of all your important emails. It also makes it easy to share them with your legal team, coworkers, or clients. There is a Chrome extension that allows you to convert multiple emails into a single PDF file. This PDF document can be...


Make your online forms more engaging

Online forms are a great way for you to collect data about your website visitors. These forms can be used to track visitors to your website and to see what content they are reading. These forms can also be used to test your products and services. This can help you increase revenue. These are some...