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I have just received confirmation of the admissibility of the response to my second call for tenders. I am now really entering the dance of the admitted to compete. A response to a call for tenders consists of an administrative envelope and an envelope containing the response itself. If the administrative envelope does not fully comply with the appellant’s requirements and the public procurement code, the second envelope is not even opened. It was really a file as I like them, in which everything is done to make life easier for the companies called upon to respond. The Special Technical Clauses (CCTP) took the place of practically detailed functional specifications, the technical solution was not to be developed in the response, and all that was required of us was a detailed functional flowchart with app visuals. It took me five days in total to work out the answer, knowing that I already knew the file, and that I had been able to clear the broad outline. 

The only difficulty lay, as usual, in communicating with a sales department by necessarily being aware of theres technica . The design part was relatively straightforward; As much as I avoid Microsoft products out of ethics and prefer open source equivalents when they exist, including in my technical recommendations if the customer gives me enough latitude to do so, I consider Visio to be one of the best office automation tools ever developed . Visio is simple, intuitive, easy to learn, clear, and above all, beautiful. The only thing I blame him for now is the sometimes weird behavior of the arrows linking the different components of a diagram. Being not very fond of the mouse, I could also see a set of Photoshop-style keyboard shortcuts allowing you to control the software without having to do