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The Shield has become one of my favorite television shows. It mixes some of the police good with it’s bad. The Shield doesn’t go along like other cop television shows and portrays the cops as always being right. Never making a mistake and always catching the bad guy they are after. The Shield along with Vic Mackey and his crew will always keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Cast of The Shield

Role in: The Shield, Detective Shane Vendrell

Alias Name(s): Walter Goggins, Walt Goggins
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama
Birthday: 11-10-1971
Birth Name: Walton Sanders Goggins, Jr.

Walton Goggins was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in a renovated 1880s farmhouse in Lithia Springs, Georgia. When he was 12, he casually walked into the office of an Atlanta casting agent named Shay Griffin and said that he wanted to be an actor. In 1989, Goggins graduated from Lithia Springs High School. During his freshman year he attended Campbell High School in Smyrna, GA.

Role in: The Shield, Officer Danielle “Danny” Sofer

Birthplace: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Birthday: 3-14-1976

Catherine Dent is arresting audiences as “Officer Danny Sofer,” in the critically acclaimed new FX drama series “The Shield” (Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M.). The series takes place in a tough, morally ambiguous world in which the line between good and bad is blurred and is often crossed. The Hollywood Reporter calls Catherine Dent “beguiling” and praises “The Shield isn’t just one of the best new cop.

Role in: The Shield, Councilman David Aceveda

BENITO MARTINEZ His character is a young precinct chief who has his sights set on a political career.

Martinez, a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is most recognized by audiences from his performances in Gregory NavaÕs film “Mi Famila” and opposite Dustin Hoffman in the hit film “Outbreak”. He also had a lead role in “Romeo & Juliet” (directed by Colin Cox). He also starred in the independent comedy entitled “The New Suit” opposite Marissa Coughlin and Jordan Bridges, helmed by acclaimed French director Francois Valle. Some of his TV credits include “X-Files”, “Silk Stalkings”, “Chicago Hope”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Once & Again”, “Touched By An Angel”, and “NYPD Blue”.

Benito received his formal training at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, and has performed throughout the US and Europe. Favorite productions include “The Three Sisters”, “Comedy of Errors”, and “Burning Patience”.

A veteran of the W&C; touring shows, Benito also taught workshops in fencing and stage combat as well as directing “The Tempest”. Most recent main stage performances include “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Mac Duff in “Macbeth”, and as the lead role in “Hamlet”.

Martinez is very involved with children’s groups and the Latino community. He began helping children in his community through “The Educational Theater Company” and the “Will and Company”, two theater groups geared toward youth. Through these organizations, he was able to perform over twenty different original works for more than a million students. His involvement helped change the direction of some of the student’s lives, some even becoming peer counselors for their schools. He performed in plays that cast Latinos, African-Americans and others to play traditionally Caucasian roles, giving him the ability to show children that they can do what they put their mind to. He is also involved with the National Latino Children’s Institute where he speaks at their annual Promesa event. This is perfect after some fun sports betting matches at www.ufabet168.info/เว็บแทงบอล/.

Martinez recently helped out Nationwide Insurance and the National Latino Children’s Institute as they observed “El Dia de los Niños” on April 27, 2002. “El Día de los Niños” focuses on child safety and helps uplift the children in the community by declaring their own day of celebration. The event included a Children’s parade, traditional Latino foods, entertainment that included children’s acts, dancing, craft-tents and much more.

Role in: The Shield, Detective Vic Mackey

Gender: Male
Birthplace: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Birthday: 8-30-1963
Birth Name: Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis was born into a Greek American family on August 30, 1963 in Lowell, Massachusetts. He showed an early love for acting, acquiring his Actor’s Equity card at the age of 13. Raised in Andover, he attended the Boston University School of Performing Arts, where he received his BFA. Like most actors, Chiklis struggled for a breakthrough in the first years of his career.

Role in: The Shield, Detective Curtis “Lemonhead” Lemansky (season 1-5)

Raised in Vermont, Johnson got his start in television commercials. He appeared in one of the very first ads for L.A. Gear. He appeared as a bit character in various television programs before landing the role of Lem on The Shield. He originally auditioned for the role of ill-fated Terry Crowley, which ultimately went to Reed Diamond. Fortunately for Johnson, series creator Shawn Ryan was so impressed with his audition that the role of Lem was created especially for him.

Role in: The Shield, Captain Claudette Wyms

Gender: Female
Birthplace: Georgetown, British Guyana
Birthday: 12-25-1952
Birth Name: Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder

CCH Pounder (the CCH standing for Carol Christine Hilaria, her birth name) is synonymous with strength, confidence and integrity. As can be said of other similarly styled actresses such as Alfre Woodard and Cicely Tyson, most of CCH’s characters are enriched with these same positive attributes and it is a testament to this actress’ abilities that she continues on such a high plane in a nearly three-decade career.

Born on Christmas Day 1952 in Guyana, she was raised on a sugar-cane plantation. Her parents moved to the US while she was still a young girl, but she and her sister were sent to a convent boarding school in Britain where they were introduced to art and the western classics. Following high school graduation, she arrived in New York and studied at Ithaca College, where her acting talents were discovered. Regional and Western classical repertory theater followed, earning roles in such productions as “The Mighty Gents” with Morgan Freeman at the New York Shakespeare Festival and “Open Admissions,” her Broadway debut. Her preference for a warmer climate led to her move to Hollywood in the late 1970s.

After bit roles in All That Jazz (1979) and I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can (1982), she found cult status in the art-house film Out of Rosenheim (1987) as the offbeat owner of a roadside café, but CCH’s prominence came with television. Usually cast as a confidant, strong-minded professional, she is known for her understated intensity and earned an Emmy nomination for her stint on the hospital drama “ER” (1994). She has performed in a number of acclaimed topical dramas, including Go Tell It On the Mountain (1985) (TV), Common Ground (1990) (TV), Murder in Mississippi (1990) (TV), Funny Valentines (1999) (TV) and Boycott (2001) (TV), for which a number of kudos have come her way.

Role in: The Shield, Officer Julien Lowe

Birthday: 7-13-1965

Michael currently plays “Officer Julien Lowe” in THE SHIELD.

Michael Jace was a regular on the short-lived ABC network drama Dangerous Minds from 1996 to 1997. His most notable television role was playing basketball great Michael Jordan in FOX Family’s The Michael Jordan Story. Other distinguished television appearances include recurring roles in NBC’s smash hit ER and HBO’s Arli$$. He also guest starred in CBS’ Judging Amy with Amy Brenneman, Nash Bridges with Don Johnson and LA Doctors, as well as NBC’s long running hit Law and Order.

He has also appeared in feature films since 1996. The tall African-American did not originally aspire to perform, but a smart-aleck comment and a challenge led him to the bright lights. It happened while Jace was in college: A marketing major, he’d gone to watch his then-girlfriend rehearse for a campus play. Acting looked easy and he said so. The director overheard him and suggested he go up and read some lines. Jace accepted and proved to be a natural. Thus inspired, he enrolled in drama classes at the Classic Stage Conservatory in New York.

Following graduation, Jace worked in regional theater across the U.S. before he moved to Los Angeles to further his career. It wasn’t long before opportunity knocked and he was cast as the leader of the militant Black Panthers in Forrest Gump (1994). Jace co-starred in 20th Century Fox’s blockbusters, Planet of the Apes, with Mark Wahlberg and director Tim Burton. He also co-starred in The Replacements with Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman, Boogie Nights with Wahlberg for director P.T. Anderson, and in The Great White Hype with Samuel L. Jackson and Jeff Goldblum. Other supporting roles include parts in the Academy Award-winning Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks, Clear and Present Danger starring Harrison Ford, Strange Days co-starring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett, and The Fan with Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes.

Role in: The Shield, Detective Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska

Jay Karnes currently plays ‘Detective Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach,’ a recently divorced, by-the-book detective partnered with Claudette Wyms in THE SHIELD.

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Karnes planned on being a lawyer when he grew up. He attended the University of Kansas at Lawrence majoring in Political Science. The summer of his senior year, as he began studying for the LSAT in preparation for law school, he decided to audition for the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival.

Karnes was cast in “A Midsummer Nights Dream”, and “Hamlet”. It was his first paid acting job. He then shelved his law school plans and turned his focus and sights on the theatre.

Producer Joe Stern (Law & Order, Judging Amy) saw Karnes playing Mercutio in a Shakespeare L.A. production of “Romeo & Juliet” and cast him in The Matrix Theatre Company’s production of “The Tavern”, where he met his future wife, actress Julia Campbell.

After deciding to settle in Los Angeles to be with his wife, Jay began working steadily in film and television. His film work includes playing Martin Landaus son in “The Joyriders”, and “The Next Best Thing” playing opposite Rupert Everett and Madonna. Jay has guest starred in numerous television shows including “Judging Amy”, “Nash Bridges”, “Ally McBeal”, “Chicago Hope”, “The Pretender”, and “Star Trek, Voyager”.

He has continued his work with The Matrix Theatre Company in productions of “The Seagull and Dangerous Corner”. Jay most recently starred as Stanley Webber in The Matrixs production of Harold Pinters enigmatic “The Birthday Party”.

Role in: The Shield, Captain Monica Rawling (season 4)

Gender: Female
Birthplace: Greenwich, Connecticut
Birthday: 3-19-1947

Glenn Close was raised in Africa, where her physician father operated a clinic. 1988 graduate of The College of William and Mary Marriages: James Marlas from 1984-1987 Cabot Wade from 1969-1971 Children: Daughter Annie Maude Starke with John Starke.

Episode / Spoiler

The Enemy of Good episode with Guest Forest Whitaker as Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh tries to expose the strike corrupt past. Lt. Kavanaugh intensifies things as he investigates Detective Vic Mackey’s strike team. This episode and the following series with Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh in it are a must see. Things really heat up as Lt. Kavanaugh basically harasses the Vic Mackey family and pisses off Vic. This is definitely one episode that you must see. If you never watch “The Shield” before episodes 56 – 64 are some of the episodes that you should catch up on at least before seeing the current episodes.

Detective Shane and Detective Vic Mackey are some of the most hilarious, and twisted cops that you’ve ever came across in your most bizarre nightmare. If you think that all police or detectives are all good. And think that they are always pursuing matters in the interest of law and order. The television show would make you think twice about this common misperception of cops. This is perfect for when you are playing some fun sports betting games via คาสิโนออนไลน์.

The Shield, hits home to me because I have seen cops who where like this in real life but most people would not or do not believe it. Shawn Ryan the creator of ‘The Shield’ finally put on television what some people see or experience everyday within their own neighbor with cops. This Just goes to show that there are two sides to every coin or every Shield.


This was not a copout, this was not out of character for the show, and this was NOT done purely for shock value. This IS The Shield, the gritty, dirty cop show where pretty much anything goes. That’s why we watch it!!!

Yes, it was incredibly sad, yes it hurts to see characters you’ve grown to know and love over the years die, no, it’s not what any of us WANTED to happen. However, The Shield did not all of a sudden become a bad show because a main character died. It would have been a copout if NOTHING happened, if after all the writers have put us through there was a happy ending, I think THAT would have been a weakness on the writers part. From the beginning, Shane has been the weakest, the most selfish and most despicable of the entire crew. For him to kill Lem to protect his life and the livelihood of his wife and children is definitely not out of character for him. Many said it would have been better if Shane died, yes it would have, but none of us would really have cared nearly as much, it wouldn’t have tugged at our heartstrings the same way. I probably could never watch this episode again, it was that painful to see, however, it remains my favorite show, and the fact that the writers DIDN’T give us the “Hollywood” ending is precisely why it is my favorite show.

On a side note, apparently, this wasn’t planned as the season finale, FX ordered more episodes too late and thus they are just now being written and apparently, THIS season will continue next January. Though in that case I don\’t see why they don’t just call it Season 6 -by Paul Behin.

Shane finally comes clean to Vic about the murder of Lem. Shane is hoping that Vic will accept why he did what he did, but it seems right now he can’t.

This was one of the BEST episodes of the season. My favorite character has been Shane Vendrell since the start of season 1. It breaks my heart that Vic and Shane had to argue the way they did. I hope that some where down the line that Vic doesn’t kill Shane, but will forgive him by shane_lover.