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The iPad app store is packed with goodies, applications that cover most of the functionality we’ve come to expect from the iPhone and a plethora of fun games. But one thing you won’t see in the iPad app store is iPad Super Nintendo emulators.

Since the early days of PDAs, those of us of the Nintendo generation instantly realized these devices could probably run emulators of the same quality that our home computers could. Once the iPhone’s inner workings were discovered and an ‘unlocking’ tool became available, it was only a short time before emulators of the NES and SNES made their way onto our phones. Alternatively, you could play some fun sports betting games via easyarticles on your preferred device.

The iPad is the perfect device for classic video game emulation. iPad Super Nintendo emulators exist that do not even require an ‘unlocked’ iPad. The controls are overlaid transparently over the actual game screen, much like many iPhone games. Imagine playing Megaman X on your iPad instead of the simple games available at the app store. The iPad Super Nintendo emulators can display full screen graphics at double the original SNES size.

The Super Nintendo has always been the benchmark for 16-bit video gaming systems. It is also the hardest to emulate with a good frame rate and correct sound, but the iPad Super Nintendo emulators can easily keep up thanks to the iPads processing power.

The iPad is a powerful and exciting tool that has many business and entertainment, and with iPad Super Nintendo emulators, you have an entire world of classic entertainment at your finger tips.