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A Flash Player or more popularly, Adobe Flash Player is a software package that enables common devices such as notebooks and smart phones to play videos, websites, and other flash-based applications smoothly. However, there are different types of flash players devised for specific digital devices. Therefore, specific flash players can be compatible with specific devices. If you are looking for flash player software to be installed on your iPhone 3G smart phone, the following tips would be of great help to you:

  1. When it comes to software package, there is no better place than Apple iTunes Apps store. You need to visit the iTuness Apps store to locate the iPhone 3G compatible flash player for your smart phone.
  2. To begin with, you need to launch Apple iTunes software on your computer or notebook. Then you need to visit iTunes store and choose the “Apps” section. You could now then play your favorite sports betting games via without any issues.
  3. When you find the Apps section on the store, you can locate search box there. You need to type in “Flash Player” in the search box to see if it is currently available for your smart phone.
  4. If the Flash Player is available, see whether the application is for free or costs money. If it is a paid service, you can buy it buy using either your credit card or through your iTunes account.
  5. If you wish to download the paid version of the application, you may have to choose the “Buy Now” or “Download Now” link. As soon as this process gets over, you’re pretty close to install the application on your iPhone 3G.
  6. The next time you connect your smart phone to your computer, the iPhone compatible flash player will download itself automatically onto your smart phone. However, you may also choose to install manually by visiting iTunes under purchased application. The process is as easy as dragging the flash player application icon to the iPhone icon on the left hand side of the iTune browser.